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The More You Know, The Better Your Decisions Will Be.

That’s why I offer a wide range of testing services that go beyond Home Inspections.  Here’s a list of all the services I offer and a brief explanation of why they’re important.  All of these services are available on the Book An Inspection Page.

Pool Inspections

Swimming pools are a high maintenance luxury.  If they aren’t properly maintained over the years, they will present problems that can be quite expensive to correct.  When a pool exists on a property, it is a very wise decision to have it thoroughly inspected.

Radon Sampling

Radon is a radioactive gas which has been linked to cancer.  It comes from the natural decay of uranium that is found in nearly all soils.  It can be easily controlled if it is present and the first step is to determine whether it is indeed a problem.  We provide Carbon Canister tests for Radon.  This type of test accurately determines whether the levels of Radon present on the property are safe or unsafe.  Most of the United States has some level of Radon present in the soil.  The levels vary depending on the geology of the region.  Even so, homes tend to trap the gases as they rise from the ground.  So it is very important to have your home tested.

Sprinkler System Inspections

Many homes in our region have sprinkler systems.  Sprinklers tend to have problems in two places.  The controls and the sprinkler heads themselves.  Some systems are quite complicated and are controlled by either mechanical timers or computers.  I provide a complete examination of the system and check for leaks in the plumbing.  I also check the controls and sprinkler heads for correct operation.

Septic System Inspections

The septic tank system in a home is obviously of great importance.  Tanks typically need to be pumped about every five years depending on the number of people living in the home.  We provide actual tank inspections which means some excavation will be necessary to uncover the access port to the tank.  There are other, non-invasive tests which can be done as well.  These involve the use of dye and placing a drain load on the tank so it will provide flow into the drain field.  If the dye shows on the surface in the drain field, it indicates a percolation problem in the drain field.  We offer both tests.  If you are considering purchasing a home, you will need to obtain the permission of the owner in writing in order to have an actual tank inspection.

Lead Paint Testing

We all know the hazards of lead now.  It’s a highly toxic poison that builds up in our bodies over time.  In the old days, most house paints contained lead and it usually still exists in older homes.  The problem is it’s usually hidden several layers deep and may not be visible.  When the paint chips off of doors, windows, etc.-from common use-it can become a hazard to pets and children because the lead containing layers are exposed.  And of course some pets and children have a chewing tendancy and you may find them knawing on the woodwork at times.  As a result, it’s recommended that lead paint be stripped and removed from the premises.

Because of the expense of doing that, it’s best to know ahead of time if a home has lead paint in it.  I can perform tests on the paint layers that will tell you if lead exists in the paint.  If it is present, you can negotiate with the seller on a remedy.  Already own the home?  It’s wise to have it checked if you have small children.

Mold Sampling

Anywhere there is moisture, even inside a wall, there is potential mold growth.  Mold is known to cause problems for those with Asthma and other respiratory ailments.  We can identify most areas that have existing mold growth and also point out areas that need to be monitored regularly.  Mold is not always readily visible, yet can still cause the associated health problems by infiltrating the air handling system in the home.  If you’re considering purchasing a home, and notice any stale or musty odors in the house while touring it, I highly recommended that you have a mold sample taken before purchasing.

Construction Draw Inspections and Construction Progress Inspections

When building a new home, many financial institutions require each phase of contruction to be inspected in order for the builder to receive payment for the work.  I provide this service and will make the necessary, repeated visits to the job site to perform the inspections.  I always provide a written report of our findings.  These inspections insure that quality work is taking place on the property.  So, if your financial institution does not require them, it would be a good idea if you personally require them.

Stucco/EIFS Moisture Inspection

EIFS is the synthetic stucco that is commonly used in today’s construction.  When properly installed, it is a superior insulator and generally problem free.  However, it has problems just about any place that it has been used in home construction in the United States. The problem is improper installation and lack of proper detailing and sealing of the EIFS. Most applicators either do not care or do not know the proper procedure for applying EIFS. This leads to failure in a very short time and water intrusion. If problems are identified and remedied quickly, damage and costs can usually be limited.  A thorough and complete inspection and testing are very important in identifying areas of moisture intrusion.

Repairs from EIFS or Stucco problems can be very extensive and expensive.  So, if the home you’re considering was finished in EIFS/stucco, I strongly recommend this inspection.